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LaDreena’s Hair Journey Pt.1

Throughout my childhood, my mom had no problem saying she couldn't "do hair." She would stick to braids or two-strand twists, but she was not known for creating amazing hairstyles.  To this day, my mom wears her own hair pulled back into a bun 90% of the time, which is fine, but doesn't allow people… Continue reading LaDreena’s Hair Journey Pt.1

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Wig Snatch!

Part 1: It all started here... Picture this: A 7 year old Andreea walking/running around the house with a T-shirt (sometimes even a nightgown - the longer, the better) draped over her head with scrunchies, barrettes, flowery hair clips and knockers attached to it... This was my creation; a "shirt-wig," and if I didn't know any… Continue reading Wig Snatch!