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Maye-be I’ll take MUNI

I used to have a job where we were provided commuter checks. Commuter checks basically pay for you to take public transportation to work. Since I had the good fortune of living within walking distance from my job, I opted not to use the checks; however, my supervisor suggested I get them anyway. I figured… Continue reading Maye-be I’ll take MUNI

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Creamy Crack Addict

When I turned 18 I booked an appointment for my very first relaxer. I didn't have any hair education at all, I just knew that I wanted a new hairstyle and wanted to be able to wear my hair down more often. Getting a relaxer was something I knew I wanted, could pay for on… Continue reading Creamy Crack Addict

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LaDreena’s Hair Journey Pt.1

Throughout my childhood, my mom had no problem saying she couldn't "do hair." She would stick to braids or two-strand twists, but she was not known for creating amazing hairstyles.  To this day, my mom wears her own hair pulled back into a bun 90% of the time, which is fine, but doesn't allow people… Continue reading LaDreena’s Hair Journey Pt.1

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Top 5 Fragrances for Spring

I like to change up my collection of fragrances between the seasons. In the spring and summer months I like fresh, floral and clean scents. I also like fragrances that are an easy transition from day to evening wear and last between spring winery tours and brunch with friends to movie dates and drinks at… Continue reading Top 5 Fragrances for Spring