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Creamy Crack Addict

When I turned 18 I booked an appointment for my very first relaxer. I didn’t have any hair education at all, I just knew that I wanted a new hairstyle and wanted to be able to wear my hair down more often. Getting a relaxer was something I knew I wanted, could pay for on my own and I was looking forward to it. I felt like such an adult!

On the day of my appointment I sat in the chair as my hair stylist evenly spread the cold, creamy chemical on my hair from root to end making sure to brush and press the product deep into my coils, each time gradually processing, frying and destroying my natural curly hair. It. Was. Awesome! I truly understand why relaxers are referred to as “creamy crack!” They are oh, so addicting.

From that moment I was hooked. I absolutely loved the way my hair looked and felt after a freshly done relaxer and for the next six years it was a complete obsession for me.

I would have my relaxer touched up every 4 weeks and hated the feeling of new growth. I loved that my hair felt silky and straight, could blow in the wind and I loved that my hair could get wet and I would have a nice wavy texture as a result.

I also loved the way my hair laid down with no effort, my ponytail would swing from side to side, hot curls and roller sets would last all day long and wrapping it up at night took less than five minutes. Styling my relaxed hair was effortless and enjoyable.

Over time, I started to notice that my relaxed hair did not feel the same. Throughout the years my hair just didn’t feel as thick or full. By the fourth consecutive year of getting my hair relaxed I started to notice that I could see parts of my scalp peeking through my hair when it was pulled back into a ponytail. Now, any logical person would have taken this as a sign to cease getting relaxers or to at least take a break from them. I was not that logical person and continued religiously getting my hair relaxed for the next couple of years…

To be continued…


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