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I Attended Femme Fair- Alone!

I learned about Femme Fair on Instagram while randomly scrolling feeds one night. As soon as I read a little bit about the Femme Fair purpose I knew I was interested. When I saw they were hosting an upcoming event I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the blogging community, do some networking and hopefully have a great time. I also saw this as a great experimental challenge for me to attend this event alone. After all, Femme Fair is about women coming together, right? How hard could this be? Not to mention I was completely enticed by the “swag bags” being given out to anyone who purchased a VIP entry.

Without giving much more thought; I purchased a VIP ticket for one and waited for the event.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or what time to arrive. The event description said there would be panel discussions, lite bites and an opportunity to “shop your favorite bloggers closet,” but did not say what time each of these things would take place. I am all about schedules and itinerary so I was a little unsure of what time to arrive or if I would have to stay all day in order to gain the full exposure of what the event had to offer.

On the day of the Femme Fair event I decided to arrive shortly after doors opened. I got to the event space around 8:15am. After registering and receiving my swag-bag I walked around and browsed some items for sale (I personally didn’t see anything I wanted to buy from any bloggers closet -no big deal) and got a delicious jar of dairy free yogurt with fruit and granola before taking my seat.

The event felt bright and welcoming. Pretty pastels of feminine decor, cute accents and lots of great places to take pictures. All of this was great – except for the fact that I was alone. I kept myself distracted for a short while as I focused on eating my yogurt (did I mention it was delicious?) before I knew it I was approached by a very nice lady who introduced herself to me and we chatted briefly about how this was both of our first times attending the event so we didn’t know what to expect.

Next the panel discussions began. I learned so much valuable information about helpful websites, tips and tricks to build and expand your online presence all while feeling supported and encouraged by the women there. Everyone was there for a similar purpose: to connect and that felt encouraging.

After slipping off into groups and learning more about the attendees and their purposes for attending the event, I looked around to explore a bit more, enjoy some lunch and sample sangria.

I found a super sweet girl and asked her to take a picture of me -she turned full blown photographer on me and took multiple shots from different angles and gave me direction (…a little to the left and turn your head that way! Oh yeah.. that’s it- LOVE IT) lol. She was great.

I stayed for about four hours because after all, it was Saturday and sunny outside so I couldn’t bare to spend an entire 8 hours indoors -although I do feel like I could easily have stayed for the remainder of the event and been fine. People were nice and there was a lot to do and see.

Did I network? Not really, but with more efforts on my part I probably could have changed that.

Would I go again? Absolutely. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain with this event. Positive influential and successful women all under the same roof for the same purpose. Total gains.

And last but not least -the swag bag! A large canvas-type tote with the words “together we bloom” (the theme of the event) printed on the outside.

So, I have a confession: I actually have no idea how good or bad the swag bag is because 3 days later I still haven’t looked inside to see what was given. Ha! And to think that was one of the main reasons I went to the event.

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