Top 10 Travel Tips for Short Trips | Andreea

img_2228Traveling is something that I love and have been fortunate enough to start doing a lot more of the past few years.

From being stranded in the airport due to multiple delays, to running through the airport at full speed to make a flight and having the door to the gate literally closed in my face; I have experienced quite a few travel snafus. On a recent trip to Las Vegas where we stayed there for less than 24 hours I noticed that I have adopted some pretty useful tips to make traveling a much more pleasant experience. Below are my top 10 travel tips for short trips!

Note: For short trips less than four days long I only travel with one carry-on luggage and either a purse or backpack. My favorite handbag for travel is the Louis Vuitton Never-Full. Another favorite of mine are the totes from Mixed Bag Designs these bags are a more durable, less expensive option that are great for travel. Also, these bags are eco-friendly and made from recycled material! Now, onto your trip!

1 Always bring a pair of socks in your purse/backpack in case you have to take off your shoes at airport security. This one seems like a no-brainer but there isn’t a time I’ve gone to the airport and didn’t see at least one person in the TSA line completely upset they have to go barefoot because they forgot socks. Avoid having to put your feet on the dirty airport floor.

2 Always bring a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable walking or standing in. My personal preference are a pair of Nike running shoes that I have had for years. These shoes provide extended comfort when having to be on your feet for long periods of time although any brand of athletic, walking or running shoe will do.

3. Kept it light on the jewelry, especially if you consider it to be valuable. I have realized that traveling with such things makes it a bit more difficult to keep up with them and if lost or stolen can very upsetting if they’re valuable or expensive. Earrings or other accessories that come in pairs or are smaller are easy to lose and hard to find.

4 Bring your own lunch. Airports do not allow you to bring liquids of more than 3 ounces but those rules do not apply to food. If I am going to be on a long flight and know that I will not have time for breakfast; I always have a bunch of snacks that I pack from home and put them into my purse for easy access while I am on the flight. This saves money as airport food and restaurants are expensive and typically serve smaller portions. Want to know what else you can bring? Check out the TSA Airport Food Policy

5 Invest in a blanket scarf. Lighter than a coat and smaller than a blanket with the same functionality; these scarves come in handy on the plane or in cold weather. I usually stock on mine in the winter from Old Navy, but in the off season you can find great deals on Amazon.

6 Pack warm clothing – even if you think it’s unnecessary. No matter where you are going even if it is to a tropical destination always have a pair of jeans, yoga or sweat pants, and some sort of jacket or long sleeve cover up.

Story: One time my mom and I were coming back from Turks and Caicos where it was 90° and we spent the majority of the time on the beach during our vacation. On our connecting flight back to California we got stuck in the East Coast due to a snow storm and had to spend the night in a hotel in Chicago. The temperature was 3° and all I had was a thin pair of leggings, a tank top, and a thin sweatshirt. That sweatshirt saved my life. I personally have never been in the snow so as soon as we stepped out of the airport into the shuttle to take us to the hotel I felt like my entire body was completely frozen and my face was in so much pain because of the cold air. As bad as that was, had I not had that sweatshirt I would have been in much worse shape.

7 Bring an empty carry on. If you anticipate doing a lot of shopping, check your larger luggage with the airline and bring a completely empty carry on bag with you onto the plane. This way you won’t have to worry about over stuffing your luggage or struggling to make everything fit into one bag.

8 Always bring two valid forms of ID. Keep one stowed away for safety and carry one with  you at all times. If one gets lost/stolen you can easily report it to the local police and still make your flight with the back up stowed in your luggage.

9 Invest in an RFID Blocking wallet. These wallets are lightweight, inexpensive and designed to help protect you from a particular brand of electronic pick-pocketing called RFID skimming. These wallets are an easy way to keep all of your credit cards organized and protected.

10  Familiarize yourself with the local police departments in the city you are traveling to. Let’s face it, crime happens and it sucks. Save yourself some time and do a little research on where the closest precincts are to your destination.

SF Tip: There are 10 district stations in San Francisco, all open 24-hrs 365 days per year. Any report can be made at any station and there is even an online reporting system for reports of property damage and most lost/stolen items. SF Police Reports

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