Andy | Dreena

Maye-we Introduce Ourselves

Andreea |

Hi I’m Andreea (Anne-Dree-Yuh) -also referred to as Andy, and most commonly and mistakenly “Andrea.”

Bay Area single, young professional and Lover of all things feminine, travel related and creative. I enjoy being social and am becoming better at challenging myself out of my comfort zone and further exploring my sense of self.

The idea of writing a blog is one that I have bounced around in my mind on and off for several years. I’ve been keeping a personal journal since middle school and I have never been one to hold back on expressing myself in any forum, yet a blog seemed somewhat unattainable for me. I suppose it is simply fear that held me back all these years. Fear that no one will ever read it, fear that it will be widely criticized, or even fear that it would become so big and so popular (a girl can dream) that I become so rich and famous that I just can’t handle the pressure of it all.

One day my coworker was trying to convince me to read some dumb book she found to be entertaining. Trying to spark my interest she sent me an excerpt from the book that she was sure would “make me laugh.” It didn’t. The paragraph I read was literally of some lady describing all of the things in life that she hates which as it turns out are things that most people hate. In any regard I thought to myself: “well shit, if this lady can make a whole book complaining about everyday life and people find it entertaining, then I sure as hell can write a blog.” Besides, my life is far more entertaining than that lady’s in my ever so humble opinion.

Teamed up with my sister and decided to finally make it happen.

This blog was created for personal reflection, life’s journey and for the possibility that even one person in this world can relate. Enjoy.

LaDreena |

Hello, my name is LaDreena Denice Walton, and I am the first born Maye in this MayeorMayeNot sibling duo. I was born in San Francisco and raised there until my parents purchased a home in Daly City, when I was four years old. I reflect on those early years as happy times; I’d had seven whole years of being an only child when Andy was born.

I now live in SF with my husband, David and our two children (@caliwaltonkids). I work full time investigating police misconduct, and I’m also signed to a model and talent agency. I love creating a variety of natural hair looks; I recently took on running as a fitness challenge and I am toying with idea of purposefully defaulting on my student loans.

Stay tuned!


Andreea | LaDreena

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